Twin Falls County residents may relinquish pets with appointments only.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting any pets from outside of Twin Falls County at this time.

Please visit Twin Falls Animal Shelter 420 Victory Ave, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301.
Rehoming/Surrendering your pet is a difficult decision, but sometimes situations arise that make it seem like the only choice.

Because you love your pet, our first solution is to try to provide the resources to find a way to keep your family together.

We offer pet food assistance to those in need.

We can recommend dog trainers.

We can recommend affordable vet care.

We are open from 10am to 5pm five days a week, and you DO need to make an appointment. Although we can never make any guarantees, we certainly do our best to find new, loving homes for animals turned over to the shelter.
Please come in and fill out the following form if you are going to surrender an animal. This form helps us assess the animal quickly and determine which type of home would be the best fit. Any information you provide is greatly appreciated. There is a $ 25 fee to surrender a cat and a $58 fee for dogs.