Adoption Process

Our shelter not only takes in dogs and cats that are surrendered by their owners, we also house stray animals that are picked up by animal control. All strays are held for 48 hours before being eligible for adoption. If an animal comes in with some form of identification, then it is held for 72 hours before becoming eligible for adoption.

We do behavioral evaluations on all our dogs before they leave for their new homes. This evaluation is to help us understand the dog better so we know more about the type of home it should be placed in.

When you have found an animal you would like to adopt, we have you fill out an adoption application. The purpose of the application is to make sure that your expectations and the environment you intend to take the animal into are compatible based on what we know about the animal. We do our very best to ensure we are making matches that will be successful for the lifetime of the pet. If we feel a particular animal is not suited for what you are looking for, we will do our best to point you toward one that would be a better fit.

Once we take applications on an animal, we keep them with that animal's paperwork until its behavioral evaluation has been done and it is spayed/neutered and vaccinated. When the animal is ready to go, we review the applications and the first application that is a good match for it can take it home.

Due to the sheer numbers of animals we see we are not able to hold an animal for adoption for more than 24 hours after it is ready to go if we have another adopter in line.

Our current adoption fee is $98.90, but please confirm with the shelter as the rates do change throughout the year. The adoption fee always covers the spay or neuter, vaccine, dewormer, mirochip, and a collar and ID tag for dogs.