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Welcome, from the staff and volunteers of People for Pets-Magic Valley Humane Society, Inc. We are a grassroots 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in 1988. Our primary purpose is to assist the local animal shelter by improving the care of their impounded companion animals. We provided the shelter with stainless steel bowls in place of coffee cans and resting boards, and paid for kennel barriers between adjacent kennels to help with the prevention and control of disease. Our group also initiated television and newspaper Pet of the Week spots to help find homeless animals new homes. The euthanasia rate prior to our involvement was nearly ninety percent and has been significantly reduced since our involvement.

Over the last twenty years, we have advanced our role and actually contract to operate the shelter. The shelter, which did not accept felines or county dogs, was originally designed to serve the city population of 15,000 residents and had only twenty separate dog kennels. We had to move into the garage with cat kenneling and could only house around twenty cats. We have now extended our services to both cats and dogs from the city and county, which has a population of some 65,000 residents. People for Pets-Magic Valley Humane Society, Inc., organized a “Build the Shelter Campaign” in 2002 and successfully raised $225,000 to support the city to build a new animal shelter. We occupied the new building in the fall of 2004 and are very pleased to be here. A special thanks to everyone who made our dream a reality!

People for Pets- Magic Valley Humane Society, Inc. serves nearly twelve hundred adoptable animals per year. Many have at least minor and sometimes significant medical problems. We pride ourselves on trying to help as many of these pets in need as we have annual funding for. Our annual expenditures on adoptable animals average from $35,000 to $50,000. This is using monies other than what we collect in adoption fees.

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